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Global Genes Professional Awards Highlight 2018
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Maximize the Return On Your Corporate Events

What good is an event if no one can see it? Our videos can turn your event from a one-time occasion into a valuable marketing tool that can present your company as forward-thinking and your events as exciting opportunities that cannot be missed. Increase future turnouts and add excitement to every event with our recap videos.



Amazing to work with, the Twins team was able to create marketing materials that secured us early funding and illustrated the features of our flagship products.


Umar, Director Humanitarian Day

Twin Production's work will capture your audience’s attention. We made Twin Productions our official filmmaker for Humanitarian Day videos. They intuitively listen and then converted our vision into reality. Giving our base the satisfaction of knowing that their donations are making a difference.

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Niko, Marketing Lead Tough Leaf

Working with Twin Productions gave us the content we needed to effectively communicate and market our program. Fast turnaround and amazing communication!


Great ROI

Just having video on your homepage can boost conversions by over 80%.


Brand Awareness

Build a personal connection with every person who watches your videos.



Video is how people consume and share. On mobile, desktop or even in showrooms.


High Retention

Viewers retain 95% of a message after viewing a video compared to only 10% when reading text.

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